VIPA Controls quality

„Actually there is no need to talk about quality – it is presupposed and expected rightly.”

However we want to say a few words to the quality of VIPA Controls. 

Our ultimate goal is to develop and produce all VIPA products in one quality by applying of modern methods of quality assurance that inspires our customers.

Our maxime:

We systematically determine the global customer requirements, applying the zero-defect-strategy and continuously working on the improvement of the processes and methods. This sense of responsibility and the know-how of each co-worker are of crucial importance.

The worldwide uniformly high standard of all our products and services are guaranteed by our internal Q7 quality management. All locations of VIPA Controls are certified according to ISO 9001.

Accreditation & Certificates


VIPA ISO 14001
VIPA ISO 50001


EAC Teleservice
Special declaration of product compliance with technical regulations of the Customs Union of Russia. These certificates replace immediately the Gost Certificate because of new procedure and certification rules for imported products is applied in Russia since year 2014.
GOST Certificate for russian market




Der Dodd-Frank Act beinhaltet u. a. den Umgang mit Offenlegungspflichten bezüglich „Konfliktmineralien“ entlang der Lieferkette. Vor dieser Herausforderung stehen Unternehmen, die sich entlang der Lieferkette von US-börsenorientierten Unternehmen befinden, sei es als direkter Zulieferer oder als Zwischenlieferant. Dieses CMRT-File beinhaltet sämtliche Unterlieferanten (Smelter-Lists) die Produkte der VIPA GmbH betreffen.