• What makes it unique?

    Only he, who does something different, makes something better!

    With the new SLIO CPU we break new ground. You configure exactly the CPU you require. Nothing more and nothing less! Reduce your stock holding costs! Maybe you have applied many different types of CPU up to now, but from now on we offer you easy order, ideal logistics and very flexible configuration.

    You select the new VIPA SLIO CPU only from 2 hardware versions within 24 configuration possibilities and create exactly via VIPASet- Card (VSC) the CPU, which suits to you and your application. Maximum 2 CPUs with the appropriate VSC and you cover a much broader spectrum of controllers than ever before.

    Only you make the decision what´s inside your CPU and nobody else!

  • Product configurator

Your benefits

  • Clear reduction of your warehouse costs
  • Flexible reaction within seconds using VSC configuration
  • SPEED7 technology:

    • large amounts of data are processed in real time
    • offers a flexible memory expansion, compatible with the application
    • ensures maximum speed with all applications