VIPA Teleservice Module - Remote Maintenance, Remote Control, Alarm Management

The highly intelligent Teleservice Modules made by VIPA enable a simple and secure communication with your machines and facility installations "“ worldwide. Thanks to its compact form, these Teleservice Modules fit into any cabinet.

Due to an integrated Ethernet and GSM/GPRS interface (depending on the type of module) this Teleservice Module can be maintained and controlled from your office. Especially the alarm function is one of these modules´ highlights.

Defined values within the controller are being observed and in case certain limit values are being exceeded, you will immediately be informed - you can select from several options of notification - E-mail, text message or SNMP. The Teleservice Modules can be configured via a comfortable web interface and enable a remote access to the controller.

Once the connection between the distant PC and the module has been established, the technician can access the installed system via the programming software. This allows an analysis of data, localization and elimination of errors without having to be directly on site. In addition to that, these modules collect the data from the machine and installation and send those to a defined recipient - as either graph, table or text file.

The connection between Teleservice Module and installed system is carried out by means of an integrated MPI interface.