Category winner at Innovation Prize 2007

The German "Initiative Mittelstand" has awarded the Innovation Prize 2007 to our product "SPEED7 - Fastest Hard-PLC in the world".

Since 2003, Vipa GmbH - manufacturer of industrial automation technology - located at Herzogenaurach, Germany, has been developing the VIPA System 300S with the innovative SPEED7 technology. This system is the fastest control system programmable with STEP7 from Siemens available in the world at the moment. Mixed operation of VIPA and Siemens CPUs is also possible in one application. The maximum possible memory for programme and data has already been integrated into the SPEED7-CPUs. Thus operation without additional memory card is possible.

Depending on the CPU type, the integrated work memory can be expanded up to 2MByte resp. 8MByte  with an MCC (Memory Extension Card).

All CPUs of System 300S are equipped with an Ethernet interface for PG-/OP-communication. Depending on the CPU type a very fast CP343 for Ethernet communication has been integrated.

Due to its high performance of up to 50.000 tasks per ms and its scalable memory, System 300S is especially suitable for mid to high range applications. It can be used in different types of industries like food, packaging, automobile etc.

Among 300 applications, System 300S was awarded the Innovation Prize 2007.