Modular is trump

Modularsystems for automation Solutions within different ranges - Industrial Ethernet, a technology that achieves rising attention in the industrial automation. Advantages are not only the standardized communication but also the seamless infrastructure from the office to the machinery.


Until now, Ethernet has be-come the widest spread communi-caticm technology in EDP Systems protection against unauthorized access are the decisive cues besides Integration and economy.
Everybody who wants nowadays to integrate Industrial Ethernet to a Company network, has to face numerous technical challenges that partly drastically influence the planning and conversion.This is caused by the LAN technique that comes down to the machine control with Industrial Ethernet.

This means that the planning partner has to arrange with the specific environment conditions at the plant.

Realtime ability and data security

This is not only valid for the environment pollution but also for real-time ability, break-down and data security and the effective protection against unauthorized access. Additionally the Interfaces between control room and network administration must perfectly match to be able to react fast and controlled in case of an error.

Furthermore different technical appropriations are realizable: from the extended proprietary automation solution to a manufacturer neutral, open standard solution. All this are decisive aspects for the planning of Industrial Ethernet networks.
VIPA offers with its modular Systems 200V, 300V and SPEED7 products that may be deployed in nearly all automation solutions using Ethernet.

Ethernet coupler, a perfect example

A perfect example for this is the Ethernet coupler IM 253NET. The Ethernet slave with Mod-busTCP-and Siemens-SB-Header protocol for up to 8 clients per protocol, provides a PJ45 jack for 100 BaseTx/lOBaseT and an integrated web server for test and diagnosis.

The access to the each 256Byte in-/output data takes place via the PC software. With the comfortable tool WinNCS from VIPA the project engineering may happen online with automatic coupler search and in plain text. Functions like auto-negotiation and auto-crossover are completed by network LED's for link/activity, speed and collision. Here you may engineer the Ethernet coupler online.

To be able to address the plugged peripheral modules directly, you must assign special addresses to them in the Ethernet coupler. The Ethernet coupler provides each 256Byte address range for in- and output. The address allocation (also called mapping) happens automatically and can not be influenced. You may monitor the mapping via the web site of the coupler.