On the occasion of the 50th anniversary, VIPA enters the running sport of Herzogenaurach

For the 50th time the annual “Aurachtallauf” – a running event – took place in Herzogenauarch on Sunday 27th August 2017. But there was something special this year: The Aurachtallauf was renamed in 1. VIPA-HerzoRun.

Sport is very important for VIPA. Therefore, and also because the support of regional sports is important for us, we decided to sponsor the Aurachtallauf.

“There was the possibility to support a local association, which is deeply rooted in Herzogenaurach. Everyone who grew up with associative life knows how important it is to have loyal sponsors who are supporting such events”, explains Sascha Isinger, marketing manager of VIPA Controls. VIPA is a sporty company and knows how important it is to have healthy employees. Sport not only supports physical, but also mental fitness."

In addition to more than 360 runners, three VIPA employees also participated. We especially thank our colleagues Claus Beckenbauer, Bernd Schubart and Heiko Leinhos for participating. Maybe a few more colleagues will participate next year.

A special view should be on the runners, who are not on the best fitness level or mastered the run despite their old age. For example, the runner Ernst is a runner since the very beginning and he already finished is 50th Aurachtallauf / VIPA-HerzoRun. Hats off!

VIPA would like to thank all runners for the great performance, Willi Wahl for the entertaining stadium speech as well as the complete TS Herzogenaurach, above all Gerd Ankermann and his team for the once again perfect and uncomplicated organization.

At the end and “just in time”, Sascha Isinger announced the joyful news of the VIPA management that VIPA will continue to support the run as the main sponsor for the coming years.

The next run is already fixed: 15 July 2018, right in time for the kermis of Herzogenaurach.

The entire VIPA team is already looking forward to the 2nd VIPA-HerzoRun.