PROFINET for high speed automation

The SPEED7 CPU 317PN from VIPA rounds up the portfolio of high speed automation units. Besides a combined MPI/PROFIBUS DP master/slave interface on the integrated Ethernet-CP, the CPU also offers a complete PROFINET I/O controller to realize modular and decentral automation structures.

The integrated MPI/DP interface enables the projection of max. 32 connections to PU/OP at the same time. The Ethernet CP is a real time class 1 capable PROFINET I/O controller, which is programmable with STEP7 from Siemens. The instruction set of S7-300 or S7-400 from Siemens is adjustable. Of course the PLC supports the PU/OP communication for programming, installation, diagnosis and the connection to HMI and SCADA.

The projection of the PROFINET bus system is made completely compatible with SIMATIC S7 from Siemens. This enables the user to access directly from the S7 world to the PROFINET bus components. Beside the PROFINET I/O controller functionality there are also Ethernet and TCP/IP based communication like S7, RFC1006 and open communication available for the user.
The PLC is designed for time critical applications and fulfils the increasing demand on constantly growing memory capacity at the same time. The memory can be adjusted to the demands of the plant and application and afterwards also without the need of exchanging the existing hardware.

Only a MemoryConfigurationCard (MCC) has to be plugged into the card slot to make addtitional memory available. The number of the required CPU types, which the user has to have for all applications, is thus reduced to a minimum.
With the Ethernet interface, the integrated master for PROFIBUS DP, the MPI connection and especially the integrated PROFINET I/O controller the CPU 317PN supports all important interfaces unified in one system.