VIPA & PROFICHIP go B2Run Nuremberg

As a tradition, VIPA and PROFICHIP took part in July 2016 at the annual B2Run, the Business Run, around the Dutzendteich in Nuremberg.

17,500 participants, 6.4 km course, best weather and highly motivated employees from VIPA and PROFICHIP. That can only be a good combination. With perfect weather in the background the team ran like hell. Such an event will not only strengthen the cohesion and the team spirit within the company, but also gives a good picture of the people who run for their company like VIPA / PROFICHIP. Thanks to the good organization of our run captains, we all had a lot of fun and look forward to the event next year. Target in 2017: to obtain at least 32 employees at the start. 32 years VIPA, 32 employees.

More pictures: