VIPA sets the pace in the catacombs

Cham´s SATOMEC Automation, (PLC-manufacturer VIPA's general agent) has supplied PLC system components for Gilgen Logistics AG´s retrofit contract at the University Hospital in Basel The processes in materials handling are being initiated and checked with utmost reliability and on a continual basis.

Gilgen Logistics AG evaluated a PLC for the retrofit contract at the University Hospital Basel for extensive control operations which also required high processing speeds.

The CPU 317 SN from the German manufacturer VIPA in Herzogenaurach was chosen. Due to the large amount of data to be processed, the material handling technology and control specialists at Gilgen Logistics AG selected the fastest hard PLC currently on the market.

The CPU 317 SN can be programmed using STEP7 from Siemens. It operates as a Profibus DP Master/Slave. The SPEED7 CPU has a flexible memory, available from 32 KB to 8 MB. It is equipped with TCP/IP interfaces and a quadruple Ethernet switch.

The facility planners selected decentralised module controls that communicate with one another for the 4.5 Kilometre haul way. A network was set up for this. Ethernet was used to connect to the high-level guidance and visualisation system. The decentralized control technology creates heightened clarity allowing for quick correction in case of failure.

The intra-logistics of a hospital is completely unthinkable today without automation technology. In the meantime, the project teams have the plant availability securely under control. Viper control systems reliably set the pace in the catacombs or read off addresses.

The complete tracking of containers is carried out with Rids. The patients in their rooms do not notice this at all since they are served reliably and punctually around the clock.