VIPA Touch Panels "Powered by Wonderware"

Starting immediately, VIPA Touch Panels are available with 800MHz processor together with the pre-installed software HMI SCADA InTouch Compact Edition of Invensys Wonderware.

Apart from Copadata zenOn 6.x and Movicon11 VIPA GmbH, Herzogenaurach, Germany is now offering with InTouch Compact Edition 10.1 for Windows CE an additional graphics software for all VIPA Touch Panel with display sizes from 6.5 "up to 12.1" and 800MHz processors .
The panels are shipped with an unregistered and pre-installed version of InTouch and can be applied out-of-the-box (subject to an InTouch license).
As operating system the customer can choose between Windows® CE 5.0 professional and Windows® Embedded CE 6.0.
The operator panels are suitable for all areas of the factory, process and building automation. Due to the aluminum and front side IP65 protection, the panels are suitable for use in harsh industrial environments.
In addition to a memory of 128MB of RAM (2048MByte for applications), RS232, RS422/485, MPI, Ethernet RJ45, USB.A and USB.B interfaces are also on Board.
These panels are tested and certified with Wonderware software. The development of the application itself can be carried out independent of the target operating system with the central Wonderware development environment.