Yaskawa Europe Introduces New "Environmental Energy" Division

Yaskawa Europe GmbH, headquartered in Eschborn, Germany, introduced a new, future-oriented divisional structure at the beginning of March: As of the start of the 2018 financial year, the global Yaskawa Group is integrating its activities in the energy and marine sectors into Yaskawa Europe (YEU). The new "Environmental Energy" division (EED – Wind, Marine, Industrial Turbo) complements the previous "Drives Motion Controls" (DMCD – Drive and Control Technology) and "Robotics" (RD – Motoman Industrial Robots and Systems) business units.

With the new divisional structure, Yaskawa continues to drive forward the implementation of its global "Vision 2025" corporate goals. In addition to mechatronics and humatronics, clean power is the focus of Yaskawa's medium and long-term positioning. The restructuring measures initiated are a logical step in the future-oriented expansion of the existing business activities.

The Environmental Energy Division (EED) encompasses the global activities of Yaskawa subsidiary The Switch based in Helsinki, Finland, and manufacturing facilities in Finland, Norway and China. With the integration of The Switch into the EED of the Yaskawa Europe Group, the aim is to consolidate their activities while integrating all three divisions into Yaskawa's medium and long-term strategy and making better use of existing infrastructures.

13,000 MW of installed capacity – and rising

Today, EED deals with three business units: Wind, Marine and Industrial Turbo applications. The Wind business unit is dedicated to the supply of wind generators and associated converters. In the Marine business unit, EED deals with the equipment for hybrid and all-electric marine propulsion systems. The Industrial Turbo business unit focuses on the customization of turbo drives for high-speed pumps and compressors.

"I am delighted that by making the Environmental Energy Division part of the YEU, we can continue to drive this strategically important business unit for Yaskawa. In doing so, we can build on the success of our colleagues at The Switch," explains Manfred Stern, CEO of Yaskawa Europe and the person responsible for the EMEA region in the Yaskawa Group. "The combination of The Switch's wealth of experience and Yaskawa's strong global organization will allow us to further enhance our commercial success in the interests of our clients," continues Stern.

"The new Environmental Energy Division will become an international center of excellence within the Yaskawa Group, especially in this very high performance area," says Division Director Jukka-Pekka Mäkinen. "In the future, we will be able to expand our existing customer relationships in the shipbuilding, wind energy and turbo engine sectors by providing an even better product."