Yaskawa Europe teamed up with RoboticsX to further enhance the Industrie 4.0 solution YASKAWA Cockpit

The new „YASKAWA Cockpit” – the core of YASKAWA’s i3-Mechatronics Industrie 4.0 solution for Robotics, Drives, Motion and Control products has been shown to the public for the first time at Hannover Fair 2018.

RoboticsX, a young German High-Tech company supported YASKAWA for engineering and software development of the new YASKAWA Cockpit.

The knowledge of YASKAWA’s robots, the protocols, software and intelligence made RoboticsX the ideal partner for enhancing the YASKAWA Cockpit. The YASKAWA Cockpit represents a holistic approach for controlling, managing and resolving events at a factory level. Asset Management, Predictive Maintenance, Alarms and Event Handling, Quality and Performance are some of the key operational aspects of any company, that are now made easier with YASKAWA Cockpit solution.