SPEED – The VIPA journal

We want to offer you a new information platform which goes over the previous largely product oriented informations. 

There are few reasons for the name of our newspaper, because SPEED has many meanings for us. First there is the high speed PLC system 300S with SPEED7 technology. 

There is also a philosophy connected with SPEED for VIPA, namely in reacting very fast and flexible to customer’s requirements and market demands. 

SPEED also stands for many sporting activities of VIPA and profichip, a subsidiary of VIPA. The SPEED7 Racing Team consisting of several teams, also mixed, regularly takes part in the international street marathon Maratona dles Dolomites and also in the  Challenge Roth, one of the most important triathlon competitions worldwide.

The VIPA Journal will also introduce our company with its previous successes and targets for the future. Our employees contribute substantially to this.


SPEED - Archiv

SPEED - Issue 11 2017/01
SPEED - Issue 10 2015/11
SPEED - Issue 09 2015/04
SPEED - Issue 08 2014/11
SPEED - Issue 07 2014/06
SPEED - Issue 06 2013/11
SPEED - Issue 05 2013/02
SPEED - Issue 03 2011/11
SPEED - Issue 02 2011/04
SPEED - Issue 01 2010/11