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professional Panels

Our professional Panels are particularly suitable for use in the areas of factory, process and building automation. classicPanels with their aluminium die-cast housing and front protection IP65 are particularly robust and can also be successfully applied in harsh industrial environments. [more]


cloudPanels are optimized for web applications and the perfect companion for WebVisu projects. Since WebVisu is already integrated in the Engineering Tool SPEED7 Studio, visualization via the new cloudPanel is easy as pie: It runs inside the PLC and is accessed by the cloudPanel via its optimized HTML5 browser. Rendering a cost effective visualization solution, that specially benefits smaller projects. [more]


smartPanels are optimally designed for medium-sized applications. They stand for high usability and connectivity. Equipped with Movicon 11 Standard, the user is practically unrestricted in terms of tags, screens, recipes, alarms, etc. [more]


With the PanelPC series from VIPA Controls you are best equipped for all control and monitoring tasks. The combination of industrial PC with the most modern performance features and a Touch Panel with ideal display possibilities concentrates high performance in the smallest space. [more]



Line Displays

The VIPA Commander Compact CC03 with integrated CPU is ideal for smaller control and operating tasks. The VIPA Operator Panel OP03 and the Text Display TD03 are universal control units for the deployment of control systems with MPI interface. [more]