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331. Entering the High Performance CPU Class "SPEED7"  
Date: 01-12-08
By means of the new SPEED7-CPU 314SE VIPA GmbH Herzogenaurach offers a reasonable priced entry to the SPEED7 technology. This compact PLC is available for only 498,00€. Just as all SPEED7 CPUs, the  
332. Environment  
Date: 29-11-16
Environment Environmental technology, the industry with the best prospects  Precisely the very strict requirements of our customers in terms of robustness, a compact design and their own energy  
333. European award in gold for consulting, training and coaching  
Date: 29-11-16
Human resource development concept European award for groundbreaking human resource development concept The medium-sized company VIPA, specialists for automation technology and control solutions,  
334. Extensive feature update for MICRO and SLIO CPUs  
Date: 16-11-17
With the new free feature pack V2.4.9 for the PLC7100-based CPUs MICRO and SLIO, VIPA Controls provides new features by means of a firmware update. The update is now available. The new firmware  
335. FEW, Blankenburg  
Date: 29-11-16
FEW, Blankenburg Intelligent rail technology for rail brakes New and very low-maintenance technology for rail brakes in marshalling yards facilitates the automatic assembly of freight  
336. Firmware  
Date: 25-06-18
Firmware Here you will find various firmware versions published for all VIPA product groups. Please note the information on the pages or in the corresponding product manuals. Never run a firmware  
337. Firmware-Bug 314-6CF02, 315-2AG12, 315-4NE12, 317-2AJ12, 317-4NE12  
Date: 25-06-18
Firmware bug We strongly recommend to fix this bug according to the guidelines mentioned below: Products concerned: 314-6CF02, 315-2AG12, 315-4NE12, 317-2AJ12, 317-4NE12 only in connection with  
338. Fischer Brot  
Date: 29-11-16
Fischerbrot The best thing since sliced bread. Crusts, crumbs and corn: Half the world envies the German speaking countries for their bread. Rightly so. Or what do you miss most after a long stay  
339. Food & Beverage  
Date: 29-11-16
Food & Beverage Innovative controllers with long minimum shelf-life. The food industry has always been a very resourceful industry. Big names such as Pasteur and Liebig can be found in the history  
340. Ford, Saarlouis  
Date: 29-11-16
Ford, Saarlouis Extension of the suspension track system with VIPA engineering There are not many brands that combine daily practicality and sportiness as strongly as Ford. The scope of automobiles  
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