Modem types of teleservice devices

1. Hardware modem type

The hardware modem type represents the physically installed modem.
You'll find this number in the System Info page of the device at:

Let's say, the device has the Hardware Modem Type = 7 for ISDN modem.

Now refer to the actual Error:
e.g. "Reference source not found for the list of hardware modem type".

2. Software modem type

The software modem type represents how device manages the modem.
You'll find the Software modem type in the parameter "ModExpType" and ("ModFrcType") of
the file "comcfg.txt".

In this example, the Software Modem Type = 10 for ISDN commands.
Effectively, several hardware can be used exactly with the same commands, then, for the device,
the software used is the same for several hardware.

Now refer to the actual error:
e.g. "Reference source not found for the list of software modem type".

By default, you can leave "ModFrcType" set to value -1 (no forcing), otherwise,
set it to the same value as "ModExpType".

PLEASE NOTE: Forcing of the modem, disables the detection of the modem.


  • The value "-1" for the "ModExpType" may be used to let device auto detect the modem.
    Set the "ModExpType:-1" and "ModFrcType:-1" in the comcfg.txt file.
  • To disable the modem of the device, set the ModExpType:0 and ModFrcType:0 in the comcfg.txt file.

3. Modem Table

HW-TypeLine Type Modem ReferenceSW-Type
0 No modem No modem 0
1 GSM (EU) Wavecom Q2403 131
2 PSTN 33.6k Multitech-mt5600smi-34 2
3 PSTN 56k Multitech-mt5600smi-92 3
4 GSM-GPRS (EU) Wavecom Q2406B 131
5 unknown rs232 interface --
6 PSTN 33.6k LS Multitech-mt5634smi-34 9
7 ISDN Stollman  TA+SOC 10
8 PSTN 56k LS Multitech-mt5634smi-92 11
9 ISDN ALTEC 5068S 12
10 GSM-GPRS (US) Wavecom Q2426B 131
11 Quad band auto Siemens TC63 132
12 Quad band auto Siemens TC65 132
13 Quad band auto EGPRS Siemens MC75 133
14 Quad band Wavecom Q24+  (MB) 131
15 Quad band Wavecom Q24+  (PG) 131
16 Quad band (EX) Wavecom Q24EX (PG) 131
17 Quad band (EX) Wavecom Q24EX (MB) 131
18 Quad band (EX) Siemens AC75 133
19 Quad band (EX) Siemens AC65 132
20 Quad band (EX, US) Wavecom Q24EX US 131
21 Quad band (EX, US) Wavecom Q24EXUS (MB) 131
22 Quad band EGPRS (EX) Wavecom Q2687H 131
23 Quad Band auto (EX) Wavecom Q2686 131
25 Global UMTS Telit UC864 134
26 GPRS Telit GC864-Quad 134
29 Global UMTS (High Speed port) Telit UC864 134
30 Global HSUPA Simcom SIM5218A 135
31 Global HSUPA Telit HE910 134

  • (EU) = Europe gsm/gprs frequencies
  • (US) = United States gsm/gprs frequencies
  • (LS) = Leased Line mode available
  • (EX)  = Extended temperature range
  • (MB | PG) = Mounted on Motherboard (MB), or mounted on Piggyback card (PG)

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