Can teleservice routers act as WWW-gateway for devices inside the maschine network?

Yes, they can be configured to act as an internet gateway for devices located within the machine network.

An engineer is on site and connected to the Teleservice-LAN with his "Service Laptop".
He needs internet access (besides the Talk2M-VPN tunnel).

This is possible. But you may need to change the security and routing settings of the device to allow this connection.

At TM-H Series you are able to modify these settings using the webconfig, if you like to set up devices of TM-C series as a www gateway, you will have to change the parameters shown below by accessing the "Maintenance" menue, checking the box "show advanced options" and choosing "edit COM configuration" .

The parameters / settings you'll need to change will be:

  • NatItf = 2 (Nat and TF on WAN in the routing settings)
  • VPNRedirect = 0 (allow all traffic (outside the VPN tunnel) in security settings)
  • FwrdToWAN = 1 (allow to Forward LAN traffic to WAN in security settings)

This process turns "Plug'n Route" off. This means, you will need to make sure that all Ethernet devices behind the teleservice do have set the router's LAN IP address as their default gateway address. If you do not take this step, you will not be able to reach those devices through the Talk2M connection any more!
Further on, the service laptop must also have the router's LAN IP address as its gateway address. In addition, the service laptop must have a valid DNS server specified. The DNS server can either be the DNS server you specified when you configured your teleservice's WAN settings, or can be a public DNS server like or!

After saving the settings, please re-boot the router to apply the changes!

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