Can PLCs be discovered through Talk2M Service?

Yes, PLCs can be discovered through Talk2M Service!

The PLC discovery feature makes it possible to display devices that support broadcast or multicast messages and are connected to a remote network while the user is being connected to this remote network through Talk2M VPN connection

1. Requirements:

  • Teleservice device has >= FW12.0s1 installed
  • eCatcher software version >= V6.2 is used
  • both, router AND eCatcher are configured to activate PLC Discovery Feature

2. Router configuration:

By default, the discovery is disabled in router configuration. To see other devices even if they are not in the same network range, a single parameter called “BroadcastForwarder” needs to be changed. It is located in the "comcfg.txt" file of the devices.

The parameter can be changed:

  • for TM-C series devices by accessing the "Maintenance" menue, checking the box "show advanced options" and choosing "edit COM configuration".
  • for other devices, using the webconfiguration, the parameter can be found at
    System Setup > Storage > Tabular Edition > Edit COM cfg.

Now search for the parameter “BroadcastForwarder” and change its value to "1" to activate the feature, or "0" to disable the PLC discovery.

3. eCatcher configuration:

By default, the discovery is enabled in eCatcher. To configure it, go to the Properties of the concerned router.
Once in the Properties of the targeted device, configure the "LAN Devices & Firewall". If the firewall is set to "standard mode", the PLC discovery option will not be shown. The firewall level must be set to a higher value than "standard". By setting the firewall to High, (Enforced or Ultra for Talk2M PRO version), a new option will show up allowing the activation (or deactivation) of the PLC discovery feature.

4. PLC software configuration:

A description about how to configure the PLC software, in order to recognize all PLC devices available on the network, is explained here under.

4.1 Siemens TIA

Once the Siemens software is running, open the “Accessible devices” frame by either pressing "CTRL+U", or by using the contextual menu “Online”. As PG/PC interface, select the “TAP Windows Adapter V9” which refers to the eCatcher VPN driver.

All available nodes should now be listed / displayed by TIA software.


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