Can 900-2C5X0 devices act as DHCP server for the machine network?

As at least of firmware 11.2, the 900-2C5X0 series are able to act as a DHCP server on their LAN interface.

This allows you to attribute IP addresses dynamically to devices that join the machine LAN. This is indeed very useful in case you connect your laptop to the router's LAN network in order to troubleshoot some LAN devices (such as a PLC). Another use case is to use the teleservice router as an Internet gateway.

However, we still recommend the use of static IP addresses for the devices that you want to access remotely!

As the misuse of this feature can cause major issues on a network! (Ex : Connect the routers LAN, on which the DHCP server is enabled, to a network where there is already another DHCP server running). This feature is dedicated to network experienced persons! That's the reason why the LAN DHCP server is disabled by default and no configuration menus have been developed. The configuration is exclusively done thanks to the advanced communication parameters (comcfg.txt).


These parameters are:

LANDHCPSStartIP                                        Start IP address of DHCP address pool
LANDHCPSEndIPEnd IP address of DHCP address pool
DHCPSLogLevelLog Level of DHCP Server (0,1 or 2)
LANDHCPSDns1Primary DNS IP attribiuted to DHCP Clients

Secondary DNS IP attribiuted to DHCP Clients


Example of configuration for a LAN network

LANDHCPSEnable:     1



  • Avoid including the router's LAN IP address as well as the static LAN device IP addresses to the DHCP IP address pool. This is to prevent the LAN network from duplicate IP address issues.
  • The lease time has been hard-coded to 1 hour.
  • DHCP IP addresses are attributed randomly. So, a LAN device may not receive the same IP address at a new connection.


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