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IM306: How to implement IM306 in HW-Config and how to use GSD-files "Zeige 115U Steckplaetze" and "Zeige 135U Prozessabbild"

Following steps are necessary to configure IM306

in a S7 project:

  1. Choose slave from GSD files, enter PB address

    and connect it with the PB master.

  2. The existing modules in the S5 rack have to be

    chosen from GSD files.
    Add them to the slave configuration OR use

    function ShowRackProcessimage“/„Show135UProcessimage“/„Show115USlotaddresses“

    without any other GSD files in the rack to display the plugged modules in a


  3. Example: „VAT“ monitoring  the modules’ addresses 135U

  4. Example: „VAT“ monitoring  the modules’ addresses 115U above HW1, FW1.09

  5. Addressing S5 modules in HW-Config

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