Strong team performance in Puma-Herzoman

The VIPA SPEED7 Racing Team reached 2nd place in the team classification

For the seventh time employees of VIPA / profichip participated in the 31st Puma-Herzoman in the local triathlon event of the Turnerschaft Herzogenaurach over the sprint distance on 24th June. This year a total of 408 participants were at the start of this open event known far beyond the borders of Herzogenaurach.

For András Kerese, Tobias Müller and Daniel Westphal the starting pistol fired at 11:30 in the outdoor swimming pool, Herzogenaurach for 400 m swimming, 18 km cycling and 5 km running.  It was clear right from the start that it would be a tight thing between the three of them and all three would give each other a run for their money. As expected Tobias Müller was first to change onto the cycling circuit, where he exchanged barbs with Daniel Westphal, and was even able to overtake him while changing to running. Westphal, who finished the Roth Challenge as an individual competitor just one week before, was able to pull away slightly and hold this lead until the finish.

With a time of 57:45 minutes Daniel ended up with 5:46 minutes behind the winner in 12th place in the overall standings and won the age group M40. Tobias followed in 17th place with a time of 58:27 minutes and András reached with 59:38 minutes to 21st overall. Thanks to the consistent performances of our three participants the VIPA SPEED7 Racing Team was able to secure 2nd place in the team classification and left, among others, the Schaeffler, Adidas, and Puma teams behind.