VIPA donates to the charitable relief organisation „Die Tafeln“ in Herzogenaurach.

VIPA GmbH, the Herzogenaurach automation manufacturer, and the subsidiary company profichip GmbH support the district office of the charitable relief organisation „Die Tafeln“ in Erlangen with a donation of 2,000 €.

The donation was made possible by an initiative of both companies. Transport boxes, that were not required any longer in the company, were sold to company employees for a small amount of money. A sum of €1,573 was collected which was then rounded up to € 2,000 by VIPA.

„Of course, as an established company in Herzogenaurach we are pleased to support local relief projects”, says Guenter Ferstl, VIPA finance director, during the handover of the donation to the representative of the relief organization in the premises of “Die Tafeln”. “Especially in view of the current refugee situation it was important for us that the donation was made to a local relief organization as more and more people have to provide themselves with food from here”, said the finance director of the Franconian automation specialists.

Although there is an abundance of food in Germany many people are still in need. For a small fee the deserving poor who have a “Die Tafeln” identity card can stock up once a week with food which is not required in the economical process but is perfect quality. “But these donations are not enough to cover the demand at the moment”, Gertrud König, head of the facility, said. With this money the running costs such as electricity or the transporter insurance can be covered. On the other hand foods, which are lacking, such as milk can be bought specifically. “Die Tafel” collects around 6 tons of foodstuff in Erlangen and the surroundings and so provides around 550 families in the metropolitan area.  On each supply day in Herzogenaurach an additional eleven voluntary workers are on site. Without them the supply location in Herzogenaurach or Erlangen would not be possible.