WSCAD Engineering Roadshow 2016

Not only can you freshen up your know-how at the WSCAD Engineering road show but also visit the exhibition of WSCAD partners. The VIPA/YASKAWA professionals give information about complete solutions concerning PLC and drive technologies and invite you to conversations and interchanges between experts.

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In the following we briefly inform you about WSCAD events which already took place in 2016. We will regularly expand the “stops”.


1st stop in Berlin, 22nd June 2016

The kickoff of the WSCAD Engineering roadshow 2016 took place in the Centrovital Hotel in Berlin. Around 55 visitors arrived at the building of the former Schultheiss brewery. The VIPA / YASKAWA professionals were pleased with the great interest in their booth. Wolfgang Liebner, who represents VIPA/YASKAWA together with his co-worker Martin Hoop in Berlin, was delighted to say that “the event was very successful and there was great interest in our booth”. After many conversations, interesting talks, and newly gained contacts VIPA/YASKAWA participated successfully at the WSCAD Engineering roadshow 2016. Next stop: 5 July in Stuttgart.

2nd stop in Stuttgart, 5th July 2016

The second stop of the roadshow for the VIPA / YASKAWA experts was in Stuttgart in the Mövenpick Hotel Stuttgart Airport & Trade Fair. Around 80 participants visited this business hotel. Besides an enormous amount of information, talks and conversations the culinary aspect was not neglected.  The roadshow visitors were supplied with coffee, cold beverages, cake and small snacks in the exhibition room of the WSCAD partners. Joachim Brendle, who represented VIPA /YASKAWA on site, summarizes the roadshow in Stuttgart as follows: “It was a great event in a very modern environment with excellent catering and an attractive program and many enthusiastic and qualified visitors”. Next stop: 6th July in Düsseldorf.

3rd stop: 6th July 2016 in Düsseldorf

Already one day after the roadshow in Stuttgart the VIPA/YASKAWA experts went on to Düsseldorf. More than 70 people took part at the event in the Lindner Congress hotel.
"The organization of WSCAD was very professional", said Guido Kaufmann who took part together with Marco Roth as an exhibitor for VIPA/YASKAWA. They had many conversations and were pleased about the great interest of the visitors. A small highlight at the end of each roadshow for many participants was the sweep for an IPad mini. To enter the lottery each participant had to stamp or sign fields of the exhibitors' program schedule. "All in all, it was a very successful event", Guido Kaufmann said and according to Marco Roth is "worth repeating". Next stop: 12th July 2016 in Hamburg.

4th stop: 12th July 2016 in Hamburg

The WSCAD Engineering roadshow made a stop in Hamburg shortly before the summer break. Approximately 36 visitors were able to satisfy their thirst for knowledge in the Hotel Business & More. This time Michael Helmer was available for any questions and information about VIPA/YASKAWA. Mr. Helmer was very satisfied with the event as all the experts of VIPA/YASKAWA previously: "The organization of WSCAD was perfect, the support was great and one had the feeling of being valued". The roadshow is now taking a short summer break and will start again in September with other interesting talks, conversations and information. Next stop: 22nd September 2016 in Munich. Are you interested? Then make sure of your participation free of charge now: