Yaskawa becomes a partner of the "klimaaktiv" initiative

Yaskawa is now a partner of the Austrian "klimaaktiv" Climate Alliance. Representing the technology group, Andreas Schaufler from the Austrian sales office accepted the certificate at the most recent klimaaktiv annual meeting in Vienna.

Practical energy savings

Solutions from Yaskawa already reduce energy consumption in a number of areas of industrial automation: Smaller, lighter robots, for example, use up to 25 percent less energy. Intelligent management of stand-by times reduces energy consumption by up to 15 percent and energy-saving functions for inverter drives by up to 18 percent. Another example of the efficient use of energy is a regenerative converter. Such regenerative systems make it possible to return the excess regenerative braking energy directly to the power grid. Last but not least, the highly efficient combination of IE4 motor and compatible inverter can reduce energy consumption by more than 20 percent.

Climate protection initiative of the BMNT

"Klimaaktiv" is the climate protection initiative launched by the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism (BMNT). Its primary goal is to create energy-efficient communities and revolutionize the energy system. The focus is on the four topic clusters – building and renovation, energy efficiency, renewable energies and mobility. Using cascade training to teach "green skills" to industries and professionals is of vital importance. As a technology partner of "klimaaktiv," Yaskawa will actively participate by providing appropriate training and information.

Sustainability as a strategic corporate goal 

For the Japanese technology group Yaskawa Electric Corporation, the parent company of Yaskawa Europe GmbH in Eschborn, Germany, sustainability is an essential element of the company's global strategic goals set out under "Vision 2025": The focus is on the fields of mechatronics, clean power and humatronics, where Yaskawa wants to establish new values for the development of society. 

For further information, see: www.klimaaktiv.at/unternehmen.html