300S / 300V

Differences between CPU SPEED7 and 300V CPUs

SPEED7 incl. compact CPU: 4 accumulators

CPU 100; 200 und 300V: 2 accumulators

Following overview shows, which details have to be considered, when

applying STL user program of a CPU 100V, 200V and 300V for a SPEED7 CPU

incl. compact CPU.


User program

Fixed-point arithmetic

(+I, -I, *I, /I;

+D, -D, *D, /D,MOD;

+R, -R, *R, /R)

The SPEED7 CPU incl. compact CPU transferring after operations the inputs of the accumulators three and four into the accumulators two and three.

When the accumulator two will be analyzed in the user program, their will be wrong values at the SPEED7 CPU incl. compact CPU, due to that the value are overwritten by the inputs of the accumulator three.


All SPEED7 controls are setup on a 318-2AJ00 from Siemens.

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